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The Strength Code

Premium Coaching focusing on Performance and Education

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Private Coaching

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Online Coaching

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We deliver the most individualised experience possible to ensure you succeed, and feel apart of The Strength Code community. 

You will undergo an initial consult where we find out who you are, look at your lifestyle and identify your goals.

We’ll complete a Functional Movement Screen to determine in your fundamental movement patterns.

From these results, we develop a tailored training program designed to meet your individual goals and requirements.


The Strength Code is more than just a training program. We strongly believe education plays a big role in your success.

We break down the science and theory behind everything you do; from training systems to menstrual cycles. 

You won’t just know WHAT,

You’ll know WHY.

You can feel confident you have the knowledge to succeed.



Your success is about more than what you do in the gym.

We monitor sleep, stress, energy levels, mood and other variables to ensure you feel great in and out of the gym. Our nutrition guidance, recovery modalities, and stress management strategies will enhance your overall health and wellness. 

Whether you’re an elite athlete, a weekend warrior, business owner, corporate professional or a parent we want to give you the ability to live your life to the fullest. 

Home: Services

Your First Step

Apply for Our Induction System

Our initial Induction System will allow us to establish how we can help by gaining a solid understanding of your current lifestyle, goals and how you move through our Functional Mobility Assessment.

After your assessment, we review your results to construct a personalised plan.

Click below to apply.

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What Our Members Are Saying

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Sam and Jenny demonstrate genuine care and passion for helping their clients to thrive.

I came to The Strength Code with a team of female athletes of varying gym experience levels.

Sam and Jenny provided a safe, encouraging space for those new to a gym environment, while supporting more experienced athletes to challenge themselves and exceed their own expectations.

Sarah Brereton

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